When is a Stent needed? Tough call!

Posted by evw100 @ew100, Sat, Aug 31 3:49pm

Going to have a Nuclear Stress test next month to find out what caused my chest pain while I was walking on the treadmill at my cardiologist’s office. Praying that there is nothing serious.

Read an article heading “When is a Stent needed? Tough call!” It said “For heart patients with few symptoms and less than severe artery blockage, whether to use a stent is a question with no clear-cut answer, say cardiologists. In fact, these days some heart experts say the mesh metal tubes used to keep narrowed or weakened arteries propped open are overused for blockages that can be treated just as well with medicine, a healthy diet and exercise”

To ease my worry if the time came for me to decide, I would reach out to you, to hear and learn from your experiences. Did you have the implant and how successful? Or you are doing well with just medicine, a healthy diet and exercise? Thank you for your help & time!

Hi EVW. First thing I'd like to mention is stress tests are good but not 100% which I hope your cardiologist told you. I say this because I had several stress tests done over time and every one said things were normal. Finally, I went for one more on a Tuesday and it said things were OK. Two days later on Thursday I had a heart attack and had three stents placed.

If you still have chest pain after a stress test shows nothing, maybe your doctor needs to do a heart cath. This will tell him/her anything a stress test doesn't. I believe that medicine and diet can help but it depends on the individual and extent of blockages. I have severe CAD and we tried every medicine out there and nothing worked. This is what has led me to have fifteen heart stents. I pray that things work out for you. But again, if your stress test shows OK and you still have chest pain, please talk to your cardiologist about a heart cath.


@ew100 Hi I wanted to jump in here . In 1996 I had a triple by pass. I had all the test that my cardiologist ask for but still had pain, shortness of breath so he sent my into hospital for a heart catherization which showed 3 arteries blocked 85,90,95% I was kept in and had the by pass which I'm so gratefull today for . So trust your own body if your still having symptoms advocate for yourself tell your Dr. and go for the catherization or you may have the alternative ,losing your life. Sorry to be so blunt but do as others have suggested .

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