When Colorectal Surgery is becoming a last option

Posted by januaryjane @januaryjane, Dec 10, 2019

I have chronic idiopathic constipation, now my dr suspects I have Ibs as well. Ive been through meds, therapies, diets, etc. but Im coming up short of options. My dr is discussing with me setting up a consult with a colorectal surgeon. It is something I would take much time to consider. But I want my life back. I know there are major risks.
Just looking for anyones experience.
Im just lost.

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@januaryjane– it is a scary situation you are in. I have not had to consider surgery, but I am aware of it. Some years ago I had severe constipation and I had asked what options there were. Surgery was mentioned as a last resort, but I succeeded getting back to fairly normal. I know that with years of chronic constipation the large intestine can get very large and with poor motility there could be a danger.
Get an opinion from the surgeon and then get a second and third opinion if needed. With as much information as possible you will be able to make a decision. Hang in there!

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