What's the scoop on spinal fusions?

Posted by RCLEMETSON @azgrannyruth, Aug 16, 2014

What's the scoop on spinal fusions?

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I have had one. It was 23 hours. It definitely helped my scoliosis. You will get used to the rods. I do have chronic pain now. Deep pressure and massage done by my PT while at PT helps my pain significantly. I may experience costochondritis once or twice a year---usually when the weather turns from hot to cold. I have to wait a few minutes for my back to adjust each time I go from lying down to sitting up. My butt sticks out like a snow skier every time I walk in my walker. I am not positive, but I think that is due to how it affected my tight hip flexors. I was advised not to fuse beyond l5 do to the fact that I may not have been able to walk again if the last lumbar vertebrae had been fused. My surgery was broken into 2 days.. I was at St. Mary's Hospital for 3 weeks. I spent 1 week in the ICU. I did not walk again until January of 2011. I went to physical therapy 4 days/week. My scoliosis care was under the direction of William J. Shaughnessy. They are awesome! Dr. Shaughnessy sees both adult and pediatric scoliosis patients. I would recommend not doing a fusion until your growth plates indicate you are done growing. Try a TLSO brace first. Because of my brace, I was able to postpone my fusion for 8 years
Prosthetic Laboratories est. 1984
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Cheryl was the receptionist when I was there.
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Stacey Stoll (Maiden Name) --She is married now-- Did all my TLSO braces at the Prosthetic Laboratories located in Rochester, MN. Plan to stay in the area at least 1 week--Your brace will needed to be adjusted several times so that you feel comfortable in it. Buy several of the white t-shirts that go under the brace-- When you get hot and sweaty, you will want to change it. Do not dry the t-shirts in the dryer. When you put the brace on, make sure there are no wrinkles in the t-shirt.
To contact Dr. Shaughnessy call Mary Anne, his Administrative Assistant, at (507) 266-5225.



Never have one unless you have no other options and can't walk and if you decide to do it, find someone who can do it laparscopically. Also try to make them use artificial bone. It's expensive but holds up much better.

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