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What's on your mind? - I'm OK You wrote on your wall.

Posted by @zachary, Apr 25, 2012

What’s on your mind?
– I’m OK
You wrote on your wall.

my name is Rhonda, my 17 year old son has just been diagnosised with crohns, i feel lost ,confused and guilty, there is no crohns on either side of zahcs family, nobody has even heard the word untill now!!! when he was 13 we had put him on actuane , the dr. had told us he was one of the worst kids he had treated for acne!! and now we are learning this is (crohns) one of the main said effects of acutane, when i thought i was helping my son from being scaed and also tormented by other kids, we all know how cruel kids can be!! I feel like i’v given him a life altering disease! i’v read so much on this im overwhelmed!!! if anyone could PLEASE help me with just the things like what to cook! what he should be doing and not doing , he has lost 30 lbs in 2 months!! I would be so greatful for your help!! Thank you!! Rhonda Furr


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