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Whats going on?

Posted by @keeannnaa, Jul 3, 2012

I’m not usually to complain or open up but my friend thinks I need to seek help.
at night I tend to have freak outs, I start crying ridiculously and scratching myself which then when it calms down sort of I immediately go in to a thought process of sex sex sex or alcohol alcohol or drugs drugs which I’m sure that isnt the most healthy even if I don’t have an addictive personality.
those are the regular nights but then on certain nights it’ll get worse I’ve never committed self harm but when it gets bad I have gotten very close and I’ll start hitting myself and pulling my hair out.
I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, never talked to anyone either.
I know certain things in my past may be the cause (divorce parents, child molested, people always leaving, trust issues etc)
Also I’m not an upset person normally in any way I’m usually very happy and optimistic.



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Posted by @amberpep, Jul 21, 2012

Anonymous …. oh honey, you really do need to see a Psychiatrist and probably a Psychologist for therapy. You are being self-destructive and really need help. There are medications that can help you with this and some well-done therapy can help you process through the horrible things you’ve endured in life … your parents divorce, child molestation, abandonment. Those are all traumas and can’t be just “gotten over.” Please see a Psychiatrist and get some help. And, please keep posting. Many of us have been where you are and know there is help out there for you.
Please take care of yourself …..
Hugz, Barb


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Posted by @piglit, Jul 21, 2012

Hi sweetie Please listen to Barb’s wise words and go and speak to someone. Hugs Piglit Remember to keep posting as there are many of us who care and understand

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