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Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Oct 31, 2019

I’ve talked about the VA a few times but I’m not sure that I mentioned this saying that my primary doc in NC told me when I was singing the praises of a FL VA on something that they do but it’s not done in NC The doc said : If you’ve been to one VA then you’ve been to one VA that may have been the year that upon arriving in FL the pcp automatically does THEIR blood test for patients who’ve been away for awhile. So, as I mentioned this particular VA calls home immediately upon seeing something questionable in a test. In NC your eye can be hanging out and they take the position : “ see something, say nothing unless it’s asked about “ yes this might be my own interpretation but seriously there was a story about the Durham VA that made the nightly news when pictures arose of Veterans laying on the floor in the ER talk about damage control; what a crock. In any event what happened in FL was the call came in before I had returned home and my Mom gave me the message immediately to call so and so at this number. It was about an elevated PSA My female pcp seemed appalled that I didn’t know when my last psa was taken and what the number was. She ordered me to do a few things over a week or so that would not elevate my psa. Honestly no one every told me about things that effect psa. So one of my first question were why not hand out the “ psa “ Public Service Announcement about this and that that could produce a false positive such as long rides on a motorcycle. And even about that, when I asked if that applies to a bicycle and as well as a motorcycle no one knew the answer. Well I rather hear that than a lie or a guess.
Turns out that the Durham VA decides what tests will be included in that basic Lois test and yesterday I mention in my vitamin D topic that what my doctor called protocols and procedures or what boils down to rules I kept slipping under or into the rules conundrum. They hate it when patients are too proactive. I’m not a favorite patient because I do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions and most doctors that I’ve had interactions with do not like it when a patient questions the rules. I want to stay focused on prostate cancer but I’d also like to mention our rights to sue the VA ( like many Gov reps or agencies there are limits to what can be done ) I think this rule sucks!!!
Back to the PSA and phone call after a week of no bike riding and just carrying on my so called normal life she also wanted me to abstain from sex alone or with a partner. My number went down 3 points but was still what she called high 7.2 down from 9.8 The FL VA couldn’t find a recent test for my PSA and my NC pcp said that the Durham VA adopted a policy suggested by ? ( not sure about this name ) but it’s like the American Urological Ass to not take PSA every visit and wait until the patient asked for it to be checked. I never go the news so I assumed that it was taken on a regular basis. So besides have a strong family history of cancer and prostate cancer the doctor or the hospital stood strongly on their decision not to test. Then like it’s a walk in the park the doc suggested a biopsy.
On with my doctors cap and my Summa Cum Laude pin I’m ready to go toe to toe with most doctors especially when they sit there and explain their opinions and BS standing behind the skirt of the institution they work for.
I told the doc that I’d handle things on my own. He was immediately okay with that. He never said “ Keep me posted “ to me that meant he wasn’t interested in the what and why. I’m sure that I know more about the newest advancements in prostate and prostate cancer treatments than he may ever know while being committed to this facility.
I can tell you call what I did what I found out and what I know now including to say that changes are coming about so quickly that it’s foolish to say or think that I know everything about this subject but I’ll go up against my doctor as well as most doctors who are stuck in 2nd gear and don’t even know it.
Turns out the I have prostate cancer based on a Gleason score which was on the edge itself.
I wanted to sue this VA facility for not taking my PSA enough to give me an early warning.
If I can find an attorney who would do this pro bono the deck would still be stacked.

Can anyone give me a sound defense as to why the government gets special rules and treatment?

PS I wanted to mention my biopsy because I read what I’ve heard for years THE FEAR OF THE BIOPSY My Dad was a tuff guy, former WW2 POW and he really fretted about the biopsy. Like many men they try to figure out what’s going on down there when they do a biopsy. I certainly was curious so I asked and my doctor drew me a picture which helped me understand and it was nothing like I imagined.
That said , fear is the worst part and it makes the process worse than it needs to be. Someone who has the ability to draw or post pictures might help a lot. It does not change the reality that the needle needs to pass through two areas. That said I discovered that there is a way to do image guided biopsies. Why my VA doc never mentioned this is just a guess; he didn’t know and I’m not sure he knows yet that this is possible and it really helped with the fear. I had mine done at UNC teaching college so I heard them teaching by explaining what they were doing every step of the way and I knew that there was a bunch of young men and woman looking at my beautiful but which I had a couple of temp tattooed stenciled on each cheek for some comic relief. The funniest part was that no one noticed. Truth be known I self medicated a little before getting ready for the procedure. It all worked out so well that the teacher asked the doctor if a few extra
Cores could be taken since I was so calm. The doc asked me if it was okay with me to take a few extra samples and I agreed. They took 4 extra samples and he commented that I was so still he wondered a few times if I passed out or fell asleep. I did tell them all that I was meditating.
After the procedure he told me that more often than not
They need to stop the procedure before they got 12 cores. He told me that he has men hollering, crying, screaming and making the procedure so difficult that it had resulted at times in complications. On the other hand
I contributed 16 cores verse the normal target of 12.

My advice to all men who are told that they need a biopsy is to ask about an image guided biopsy. I will tell you more in a bit. I need to get coffee and internet access

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