What was your treatment plan for a vitreous hemorrhage?

Posted by lmno20 @lmno20, Sep 17, 2020

Hello. I visited an eye doctor with proliferative retinopathy that caused a hemorrhage and distorted my central vision. I had small pockets of vision where I could see a bit including ability to read some text. I was first treated with an eye injection to calm the damage but it didn't work and I became worse (now instead of partial vision loss had a grayish film that completely obstructed vision). I now needed a vitrectomy. I developed a severe epiretinal membrane and am now pretty much blind. I raised my concern and was told my poor outcome was because I went into surgery in such poor condition. Between my first appointment and surgery it was almost 3 months and my eye continued to decline in that time. I know of other patients who were immediately put into surgery with similar if not identical medical histories. I wonder if I had gone into surgery immediately instead of having an injection first could my vision have been saved since my eye would not have continued to worsen? Please share what your treatment plan was or any other insight. Thank you!

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Loss of vision is so frightening. I think fellow members like @isaosunagatty @bonitav @pedie @drrex and @dsh33782 will be able to relate and may have experience with retinopathy causing a hemorrhage.

@lmno20, have you considered getting a second opinion?


@colleenyoung unfortunately I do not think that I'm able to contribute much to this discussion, as my condition of autoimmune retinopathy is quite different and doesn't involve any hemorrhage. I would also recommend @lmno20 to get a second opinion on her/his condition, sometimes getting a different perspective can provide new impulses.

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