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What the heck?

Posted by @kshephard, Jul 16, 2011

I’m a 39 year old female. Tubal in 2002 (last ditch effort to end hormone related migraines). Since the tubal, periods have grown increasingly heavy, with severe cramping (doubling over – almost debilitating). Within the last 6 years, the *severe* cramps (never NEVER in my life had I had cramps associated with my period – not even in jr. high/high school when most girls were complaining of them) and very heavy flow have been accompanied by huge blood clots (ranging in size from pea to half dollar). Had a pelvic ultrasound about 5 years ago – no surprise everything was “normal”. Have not had anything since – pelvic ultrasound was expensive and even with insurance (which I had to fight with for over a year to get them to cover their part) – no insurance now – so recommendations to “see a doctor” without other suggestions of “have them look at this, that or the other” will not be helpful as I don’t have the funds to have a doctor “search around and give this a try”. Cannot take “the pill” or other hormone replacement because the hormones are what trigger my migraines – I’d rather feel like my insides are coming out for a couple days rather than a migraine for a week or more. Any suggestions? Homeopathic things to try? Things to have a doc look at and/or check for to save us both some time?


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