What statin (if any) have you taken long term?

Posted by cantbelievethis @cantbelievethis, Jul 10, 2023

First off, I realize all stains have side effects so I am "not" asking for one with *no side effects*. I am wanting to know in general what people take.

What has been your history in taking them? Did you start with one then move on to another, etc.

My experience with them has been Lipitor a few years back. I felt aches and pains from it so it was discontinued. So then doctor tried Crestor. I am not the best person to be talking about statins because after taking the crestor, I eventually stopped taking it as taking a med every day was "getting to me". (notice no thought for my health, just the inconvenience of taking a med daily.)

I don't recall anything bad from the crestor but I didn't take it that long.

Which brings me to the present day. Cardiologist who I just started to see ....new to him and hadn't been under the care of one prior...primary care was ordering the statins, well the new cardiologist wants me on a statin and ordered Lipitor. I wish I had spoken up and told him I had been prescribed it in the past and it didn't work out too well but was nervous etc. during the appointment and thought "give it another try, maybe this time it will work". I just got the RX and haven't picked it up from the pharmacy yet.

So, what if any statin has worked best for you. What dose do you take?

Doctor said he is starting me off with 20 mgs a day.

Cholesterol level: 220.

Thank you!!

Cheers. 🙂

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Hi there-

I can relate to feeling nervous in a doctor's appointment and then either not quite speaking up or telling myself something is "fine," and I don't need to bring it up, only to realize...I should have brought it up. It's okay; we have a right to change our minds., have questions, and concerns, even if it happens after or outside the appointment. You could still try the Lipitor and see how you feel. Or if you feel pretty confident the first time it caused muscle pain, then it's worth it to reach out to them again and just say you thought about it a little more and remembered afterward that you had a bad reaction to Lipitor in the past but had a better experience with Crestor, and is it possible to change the prescription? Or, is there a different option you could try? It's your body and your health, and you want to be comfortable with your decision, and I'm sure your cardiologist wants you to feel comfortable with it too.

I'm a caregiver for my father. He started off on the highest dose possible of generic Lipitor (I'll set aside for now that it was a very bad idea for his doctor to immediately start him on the highest dose >_


Not sure what dosage of Lipitor you are on - but here’s what we did with mine. Started at 40mg/day then when I was getting side effects, we decreased to 20mg/day. That was ok for some time but then the joint pains started back in even worse. Decreased dosage to 20mg every other day. That helped but not for long-now on 20mg every 3 days & that seems to be the perfect dosage/timing. You should check with your doctor & see if this might work for you (don’t just try this on your own). Could depend on your lab cholesterol numbers. If doctor does try lowering dosage/frequency, probably will need repeat lab work at some point to see if this is still working well enough.
Hope this helps.


I am taking Rosuvastatin. Started with 10mg. as soon as my PCP saw my CAC (almost 1600). Then cardiologist number two put me on 20mg. I have no side effects, a couple of people I know have joint and muscle discomfort so as per their Doctor they take CoQ10 (over the counter) + baby aspirin. I did all the tests but still angiogram was suggested. I found out had 60%-70% blockage on LAD artery. Decided NOT for a stent and just aggressive care management with my cardiologist.


Atorvastatin 40 mg once daily for five years per recommendations from PCP and cardiologist. No side effects so far. Total cholesterol went from 180 to about 100, LDL from 115 to 40 (average of last four years) and then with addition of icosapent ethyl triglycerides from 130 to 40 (average of last four years). No noticeable physical side effects.

Previous PCP in another city had prescribed 81 mg aspirin and telemisartan 20 years ago to control BP which was about 140/80 prior to treatment.

I am confused by your apparent lack of interest regarding discipline required to take medicine daily and then your interest in the science behind those medicines.


I'm taking Rosuvastatin (40 mg) and Zetia (10 mg. ) for years, no side effects. Total chol. is 171...good luck !


I took Lipitor and my legs ached. My doctor prescribed pravastatin bc she amongst her patients it was the most tolerable. I had a few symptoms Tamar disappeared after a couple of weeks. It’s been 2 months now and so far so good. Who knows though. So much controversy.


After 20+ years of trying practically all the statins and having muscle issue, I finally agreed to take Repatha. Been on it a couple of months and no side effects! My wife was put on it before me and her cholesterol went way down. It is expensive even with insurance but if you can afford it I would try it. Also, there is an excellent article recently published in Atlantic Magazine about side effects of statins and a genetic disease with exact same symptoms. A local main library may have the issue.


I have been on zuvamor 5mg for 2 years. 1 month ago i was given ezetrol in addition. No aches and pains from them yet. I do take magnesium, which minimize cramps.


I took Lipitor and my legs ached. My doctor prescribed pravastatin bc she amongst her patients it was the most tolerable. I had a few symptoms Tamar disappeared after a couple of weeks. It’s been 2 months now and so far so good. Who knows though. So much controversy.

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Actually, from what I can tell, swilkins, the controversy is between 99.9% of medical professionals and those non-medical professionals who believe statins are a plot by large pharmaceutical companies to get rich.

This isn't the forum for further discussion on this, but it is the place to talk about what your lipids were prior to and then after taking the med. Then, what side effects, if any. Then, perhaps to review the lessons learned by others re which statin, and which method of delivery - oral or injectable.


I take Losartan 50 MG per day. I have had no issues. I hope this is helpful!

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