what is this skin problem

Posted by pandaboi @pandaboi, May 10, 2021

looks like pimples to me but they arent going away and its been over 3 weeks. would like to know what they are and if using topical corticosteroids would help. thank you!

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Hi @pandaboi, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You are right, they do look like pimples. Connect is a patient-to-patient community – the most important ingredient of Connect is its members, like you. It is not designed to be a community for medical experts to give advice, but is a place to learn from all your shared experiences, insights, suggestions, and tips.

That being said, have you asked your doctor about the possibility of Keratosis pilaris?
– Mayo Clinic, Keratosis pilaris symptoms https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/keratosis-pilaris/symptoms-causes/syc-20351149

@pandaboi, have you consulted with a physician? May I ask your age? Normally this condition is seen in teens and early adulthood.


Yup im in my 20s. Just seen a dr and was given antibiotics. He says it could be a s.aureus infection.

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