What is bronchiectasis?

Posted by Kathy @feb, Feb 27, 2022

Had COVID Feb 2020, testing, dx Asthma borderline COPD. I also have Amyloidosis of laryngeal area, which spread to sinuses to esophagus after COVID. In addition COVID caused severe GERD. So I have constant inflammation. Currently taking Annuity Elliputy inhaler, Dexilant for GERD. Stopped using Phillips bi-Pap because it was causing even more inflammation and I had every issue listed on the recall. Still have chest pain, short of berth with exception and anxiety/panic attacks started about a year ago.

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Here is a description of Bronchiectasis from the American Lung Association: https://www.lung.org/lung-health-diseases/lung-disease-lookup/bronchiectasis
That is a good place to start to gather information if you are wondering what is causing your breathing problems, but it is relatively uncommon. You need a diagnosis via x-ray or CT, and consultation with a pulmonologist to confirm.
What has caused you to wonder about it?

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