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Amid Ice Bucket Challenges is the Real Challenge for Families Battling ALS

Posted by @Margaret_Marie in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 22, 2014

What is ALS and how does it feel to live through it every day? "This disease is devastating, for individuals many of the people who it's affected are in the prime of their lives,” said Dr. Eric Sorensen, Medical Director of Mayo's ALS Center. Read more about the real challenge for families battling ALS on KAAL.

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Posted by @denver90, Dec 28, 2014

my sister has recently been diagnosed with ALS and already she is losing the ability to drink water without coming out and has been losing the ability to communicate, forming words, is there anything anything at all that can help her-


Posted by @jstreed, Dec 28, 2014

Sorry to hear about your sister. Here is a link to information about ALS treatments:


Posted by @denver90, Dec 30, 2014

Thank you so much for the link- and for your concern, i very much
appreciate you- thank you again.

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