what have people done for their Raynaud's and Sjogren's symptons?

Posted by Kathleen Buckalew @kathleenbuckalew, Oct 29, 2011

what do you do for your Raynaud’s symptons?
what do you do for you Sjogren’s symptons?
Do you take medication for either or both?
What do you take?
Has anyone found really warm shoes and socks for their Raynaud’s?
Has anyone had issues with the insides of their mouths being sore and developing ulcer-like sores? What do you do for it?

I had my thyroid tested and was in the low average range. The doctors know these are arbitrary numbers and I had doctor who gave me synthroid and I no longer freeze. For Sjogren”s they usual treat the symptomn going on at that time.


I dress in layers. I also keep a pair of light stretchy gloves at hand (no pun) for use around the house and for things like grocery shopping etc. Smartwool socks work very well for my feet.(They are pricey but you can find good deals on line and often the local outdoor outfitters run a good sale). But if I’m going to be outside for any length of time I have a pair of Ugg boots that are many years old that I wear with out socks. The inner sole cand be taken out and replaced. I have a few soles and keep them washed and nice and fluffy for insulating. The sheepwool liner is wonderfully soft and warm, like nothing else I have tried. If I plan on beitng outside for any length of time I use sheepskin mittens. A cup of warm liquids in your hands will warm them also…lots of herb tea!
I don’t take medication, was recently diagnosed but have had cold hands and feet for as long as I can remember.
I have thyroid antibodies, very low on the adverage scale also and have inquired as to a low dose of Armor or Synthroid and was always brushed off. Will have to revisit this with my Rheumy next visit. Have always thought this could increase diminshed energy levels.
I haven’t had mouth sores but have you tried rinsing your mouth with salt water? That helped me alot with chemo side affects.

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