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What have I done where? I don't know what you are really

Posted by @lizv, Oct 6, 2011

What have I done where? I don’t know what you are really after here. I have worked in Universities throughout Australia, Zambia and South Africa and was happiest working in Research Administration at Monash University, Victoria, Australia. I do not have a medical background; but, after my cancer experience (I call her/him my “Dark Passenger” as I enjoy the series Dexter) and realise I can never be 100% sure if the cancer will ever return. I actively seek out relevant medical information that I’m interested in. My experience was such that I never felt like I was told “the real truth” and have a healthy scepticism on most matters now. That is, I am living with the side effects of my treatment and I did not realise there would be side effects! Silly me.


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