What happens after c.difficile

Posted by sue6408 @sue6408, Dec 13, 2018

Has anyone tried the anti-inflammatory/autoimmune diet and did you find a cure for abdominal distention and indigestion? I saw a dietitian yesterday.This diet is arduous.

Not sure what the autoimmune/antiinflamatory diet is but I am following a gluten free, lactose free, low fructose and low carb/ low grain diet and it has worked wonders for me. I also take supplements like omega 3, L glutamine, quercetin, vitamin A, Vitamin D and Zinc. The idea is not to stay on this diet forever but to very slowly introduce new foods into the diet. I am on a Low FODMAP diet with low carbs. I saw improvement in ten days.


@sue6408 I have not tried that diet. I believe it is very much the same as the Paleo diet. I have a friend who is on Paleo and loves the diet. She's lost over 30 pounds in a year and feels better than ever. The one your dietitian suggested may even be a little stricter than Paleo but suggests omitting many of the same foods.

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