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What do you think of this Mayo Clinic community site?

Posted by @LeeAase in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Jul 5, 2011

We appreciate your feedback on the user experience in this Mayo Clinic site. What do you like? What areas could we improve? What additional resources would you like to see?

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Posted by @YueDong, Jul 5, 2011

I like the clean and easy to navigate interface. Very good ! Congratulation for this milestone !

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Posted by @kristinahesby, Jul 5, 2011

I think this is a great way for patients to connect with others; how will this site be "advertised" to patient so they are aware that it exsists?

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 5, 2011

Thanks! We will have links and tiles on and, along with a landing page describing the community here:


Posted by @reedsmith, Jul 6, 2011

Very cool Lee!


Posted by @judiff, Jul 6, 2011

Hi Lee - I'm a new member. I am surprised however that Mayo doesn't have Stiff Person Syndrome listed in health interests as Mayo is one of the main clinics for the disorder. Hopefully it can be added soon.

It's a great idea though and I hope it goes well.

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 7, 2011

Thanks. You may have seen the content we have about this on Maybe you could start a discussion thread about it here.


Posted by @kristinahesby, Jul 7, 2011

Just curious if pregnancy could be considered for a possible category either now or in the future? It would be a great way for women to connect on their symptoms, fears, concerns, etc...

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 8, 2011

Good thought. We will discuss it at our planning meeting on Monday.


Posted by @jane, Jul 9, 2011

Great job, Mayo Clinic!


Posted by @jane, Jul 11, 2011

As an upcoming test can be just as mysterious as a resulting diagnosis, perhaps categories of diagnostic tests could be added, as well, to remove a bit of anxiety from patients who are facing the more complicated procedures.

Posted by Anonymous-b959c53a, Jul 9, 2011

I'm grateful to Mayo for a host of reasons after being successfully treated for cardiac arrhythmias this past year. I learned about this new venture by happenstance earlier today and have two immediate reactions after impulsively setting up an account. First, I can't see how to narrow the scope of the chatter to my particular area of interest. Truthfully, I don't have time to wade through all of the conversations that are posted. I had decided last January that it would be valuable to help Mayo set up essentially a support group for AFib/AFlutter patients. We all need to get up to speed with language and concepts that are quite abstract and foreign as we learn how to manage life with these gremlin-like disorders. It seems that this online social network can be exactly that in a virtual way, but it would help if there was a "place" where we could gather for meaningful conversation. Second, one of the invaluable tools could be a link back into resources. I think about relevant journal articles, information about physical fitness, heart-healthy diet and cooking, advances in medications, or research studies. Make this a watering hole that is the first place I turn for the straight story about what's new with arrhythmias. And then maybe in multiple languages or multi-media explanations. Maybe let us sign up for online conversations with one of your world-class cardiologists or Dr. Thomas Allison. We all have challenges that will never go away. I'm symptom-free right now and I want to keep it that way. Every day of my life I need to move and keep my cardio fitness level high. I need to eat 'right" and keep my life in balance in a world that doesn't function that way. Drugs are part of that equation, probably forever. I know I'm not alone in these challenges. For the first time ever, I really believe I'd benefit from participating in a Mayo-sponsored community to stay informed, stay motivated, and stay connected. Thanks for the opportunity to offer this feedback.


Posted by @wendywustenberg, Jul 9, 2011

The previous comment is mine. I accidentally hit anonymous.

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks for your comment. One way to do this for starters would be for you to start a discussion about AFib in the Heart and Blood Vessel Conditions discussion forum

I think we are going to see this community continue to evolve, and hopefully some of those other features you mentioned will be forthcoming. For now, just creating relevant discussion threads will be a way to start gathering those with common interests.


Posted by @nidhi, Jul 11, 2011

Hi, I just joined the Community so pls excuse me if I haven't explored enough. I do have a couple of comments.

When I registered, the option to choose a state other than those in USA is not listed. Maybe 'outside USA' could be added to the drop down menu. I was able to enter Singapore as my country of residence. Given no other option under state, I just chose NJ as I have lived there for a few years.

I hope u don't mind another comment: when I was choosing my areas of interest I could only choose from those conditions listed under 'A'. I suggest that all letters A-Z be listed for our convenience, thanks!

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks for your comment. We're working on fixing the choices for people outside of the U.S. We appreciate that suggestion. On the areas of interest, you should be able to scroll down in the list to see other alphabetized conditions. Let me know if you can't make that work.


Posted by @nidhi, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks Lee for your prompt response....what little I've read about Crohn's, I understand that it is pretty rare in the Asian population. Hence the Mayo Clinic site would be a very useful platform for patients like myself to get in touch with others with the same condition.

Actually I did try to scroll down but it didn't work...I'm also looking forward to connecting with medical experts who could probably use my case to conduct studies/research Crohns & its evolving nature over time. I'd feel very satisfied if it leads to improved care for future patients.


Posted by @briangeyseraprnmsnbc, Jul 11, 2011

Hey Lee, I think the community site is great. I've launched and manage several similar sites in the LTC space. It will be interesting to see how the community evolves over time. I'm curios, what platform is the site built on?

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks. We're looking forward to seeing how the community evolves and grows, too. It will be just a week old tomorrow. We're working with the same company that sponsors the DiabeticConnect site, but creating this separate and customized Mayo Clinic community that doesn't have advertising. We'll be looking for feedback on how we can improve the experience, so we appreciate your suggestions.

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Posted by @11, Jul 12, 2011

I love the DiabeticConnect site - good choice! Very easy to use platform


Posted by @briangeyseraprnmsnbc, Jul 12, 2011

Thanks Lee. What the name of the platform?


Posted by @rondaw, Jul 11, 2011

Lee: I love that you (and Mayo) keep finding new ways to reach out.


Posted by @itsinsider, Jul 11, 2011

Very nice! Easy sign up. Very clean UI. Is this a Jive platform?


Posted by @gbiggers1, Jul 12, 2011

I am wondering the same thing. Let me know if you figure it out. Doesn't look like the Jive interface I knew. But I have seen this same interface style elsewhere.

Posted by @LeeAase, Jul 12, 2011

Glad you like it. This isn't a Jive platform. We're working with another company, Alliance Health, to provide this custom experience with an ad-free environment.

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Posted by @itsinsider, Jul 12, 2011

Really interesting! Would love to know more. You might want to consider including "my recent content" on profiles. It was hard to find this thread (after I forgot my password, of course). 🙂

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Posted by @michael82, Jul 11, 2011

Great job on the site....


Posted by @joevitarelli, Jul 11, 2011

I was instantly intrigued, when I saw the press release. What a great idea!


Posted by @tracydean, Jul 11, 2011

The search needs improvement. I want to search under baby or kid conditions.


Posted by @rnm2303, Jul 11, 2011

I think it's a great idea to share Mayo expertise broadly across the world.

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