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What do you take notes & keep in touch?

Posted by @webjunk, Aug 8, 2013

What do/did you use to take notes with and/or use for email, web, tracking appointments, etc. while at the hospital? I have an iPod but too small for taking notes. Thought about getting a tablet but 10 inch tablet might be too big to carry around and 7 inch might be too small to type on.
Any suggestions?



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Posted by @justkrs, Oct 25, 2013

i took notes on paper, but i had my iphone record all the conversations i had with each specialist

Posted by @LeeAase, Oct 29, 2013

Sometimes I like to use my iPhone (or iPod in your case) to just record voice memos. Then I can transfer to computer and rewrite later. One thing you should know is that we have free guest wifi, so you will be able to get connected. Sometimes I also like to just send myself emails with my notes. I agree an iPod would be too small for taking notes effectively. I got a keyboard for my iPad though, and it’s great. It folds flat to make the whole thing (keyboard + iPad) still much less than 1 inch thick

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