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what do I do after I have seen doctor and have no answer ?

Posted by @fortyisyoung, Fri, Sep 7 6:29pm

I saw a general internal med doctor on August 29th, he ordered a bunch of lab tests, and referred me to neurology. I saw the neurologist on wednesday (September 5th)…the neurologist didnt think the testing that the gen. internal med doctor wanted him to do was necessary so he didn't do the test. I sent a message to the internal med doc last friday asking if I was supposed to make a follow up appointment with him or what I should do after labs come back. He did not respond. I sent another message to him this morning again asking for clarification as to next steps, if there are any, or what I should be doing. It shows in the Mayo app when a doctor reads a message, he has read both messages. Is there some regular protocol at Mayo ? I am so confused.

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