What are you doing to minimize dust in your home?

Posted by becleartoday @becleartoday, May 13 5:10am

In the springtime, I have upholstery cleaners come in to shampoo our sofas and dining room chairs. However, during the pandemic, I canceled this annual ritual.

I recently had them back, and as they like to do, at the end of cleaning they showed me the bucket of dirty water they extracted from our furniture. Even though I know it’s a bit of a marketing tactic, it always amazes me.

I understand that some of you are hesitant to expose yourself to the chemicals that might be used or the smells of wet upholstery. I get that! So, perhaps call around to see if you can find a cleaner who uses good old fashion soap and water.

There is research that shows that mycobacteria avium intracelluare (MAI) thrives in house dust. Clearly, none of us can completely eliminate all dust in our homes. But we can take simple measures to keep our living spaces as clean and dust-free as possible.

Happy cleaning,
Linda Esposito

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In addition to vacuuming, including the upholstery with a HEPA filter vacuum, damp mopping floors help. Allergy experts say once a week. Air purifiers help quite a bit. The pre filters need to be vacuumed every 2 weeks and HEPA filter every year or less.

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