What are the possible disorders having these symptoms?

Posted by aliali @aliali, Aug 9, 2020

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In short, each and every member of my family has no doubts that X is mentally unstable, except her! I shall provide you with some information about her. After reading the symptoms, kindly, I wish to ask you about the possible disorder(s) you may think she has. But the matter is as follows: she believes that she is an average person thereby rejecting seeking medical advice. If I get to know her disorder(s), then I may have something to do.

It is not a medical advice; it is a matter of help: if you state, for example, that those are symptoms of autism, and I believe you immediately and ask her to take medications to ease autism(a prescription is needed as you know),then this is medical advice! If you state that those symptoms may be related to autism and I evaluate your opinion myself, then this is just a matter of opinion and guess.

Information and symptoms:
Has problems and disagreements with many relatives; has terminated many friendships; she used to trust those friends extremely and used to tell them her own secrets but again and again, she says I found out my friend was not faithful; she has spoken to many relatives with swear words criticizing them and insulting them, and terminating the relationship after the event immediately; she was unable to become a wife again and again as follows:
she ended her previous marriage in divorce; the second relation ended after several month as they were getting to know each other and did not get married; the third (current) relation is being a mother for a six-month infant and leaving him for his father to take care of him and going back to our family house; she always thinks that people are conspirator against her, even her closest family members; no matter what you do, she will never trust you.

-Most important things to know:
she sometimes freaks out and screams loudly in a terrifying way, and sometimes hits her own face while doing so; she is really confident and believes she is always right even if all of us disagree with her; she is strong not sensitive at all; she thinks this way: if my baby is beautiful, then because he is my son, but if he is ugly, it is because he is his father’s son (I am the cause of good things and others cause bad things); she feels the desire to break our religious rules and looks for freedom (we are Muslims); she once did not care about her infant because he looks like her dad and she had problems with him at that time; she just got her degree as a dentist with a GPA of 3.2/5.0; she once said I am a dentist and smart and thus mentally stable; she is really aggressive so that no one dares to criticize her or suggest something to her.

Please help!
I hope that you provide concise answers so that it becomes much easier for the community to read each and every response you provide!


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I am a retired RN. I will not suggest disorders but point out there is many cognitive distortions in this person's thinking that is guiding her behavior. There are 15 main cognitive distortions or negative core beliefs. I also see perhaps she has difficulties with interpersonal boundaries. These things are learned but if there is any disorder – medical or psychological- they are more dysfunctional. Religious beliefs can cause more stress to an already difficult situation. Would this individual consider a physical exam by a medical doctor to start to see if a medical diagnosis can be ruled in or out ?


Thanks for being responsive.
She considers others as enemies; if we ask her to seek medical help, then she will say: “Mmm. Now I can understand. You are asking me to visit a psychiatrist and I may be diagnosed with a disorder. After that, I will not be employed as a dentist and even court will not look at my claims against my current husband since I would be mentally unstable”!!


Well she is in denial. I suspect there is a disorder here. She can work as a dentist. As for legal issues I cannot say. Trust is hard to come by in this current geo- political environment. Trauma and deception can destroy trust. Can she get to a psychotherapist not a psychiatrist for starters?


Forget it. There’s nothing you can do. She’ll figure it out one of these days.

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