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Posted by @francescaripple, Jun 30, 2015

WELCOME to the NEW Mayo Clinic Rochester, PFAC community! We hope you will participate in co-creating this new web site and tool — optimizing this site for your needs as a PFAC community. Please visit and participate in the various discussions, polls and surveys that are currently set up. Explore, post questions, and imagine the possibilities.

If you have any questions while you explore please try to post them, so that all may see your questions and we can learn together.

We currently have discussions on the following topics:

– Greetings and Introductions
– April 6th PFAC Leadership Summary
– Help us make this better!
– Get your writing juices flowing with PFAC success stories
– Volunteers needed!
– Let’s Create the PFAC Editorial Calendar
– Show Off your PFAC photos and videos!

This community is created for and by PFAC members, and our success will be reliant on PFAC members participating in this as we develop the many ideas and new ways we can utilize this.

Let’s build this together!

Office of Patient Experience

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