Weight restrictions after surgery

Posted by cora2022 @cora2022, Sep 20, 2022

Ok I was told we won’t be able to lift much after the surgery for some time – like not even a gallon of milk.

So my concern and question is …. I have 3 dogs and will be on my own with them the entire time. How do I NOT mess myself up by holding them back when putting them on their outside run to go play and potty??
My 1 dog is a chihuahua and is NOT an issue. The 2nd one is older and listens fairly well but is a Lab/Pitbull Mix that is strong as an ox and weighs 82lbs. The 3rd one is my concern … she is a Shepard/Husky mix and 10 months old and 60 lbs and ALLLL puppy so she jumps on me and pulls and is just slowly being trained because she’s young and mischievous and a handful.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Great question. When I had my surgery, I had fenced yard and just had to let them out back door, and my two dogs were pass puppy stage.

I placed dogs in boarding kennel while in hospital and few days after. With three dogs, that could be expensive. If not all three dogs, maybe just kennel the puppy for a week. Another option would be a doggy day care for puppy so she is tired when gets home.

Couple of other ideas:
– A pet walker – can you hire someone to walk the dogs few times a day for maybe first few weeks.
– Not sure what type of collar / harness you use, maybe look for one that restricts pulling . If have a good pet supply store in your area, ask for suggestions.

Good luck


Thanks Laurie! I’ll look into all those options ! Cora

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