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weight loss extreme

Posted by @pcns0001, Oct 28, 2011

my husband has lost weight in the last four months too the extreme of his clothes hanging off he is not dietling and eats lots of ice he he has lost at least 40 pounds



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Posted by @anon09783385, Nov 7, 2011

Has he been screened for diabetes?

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Posted by @pcns0001, Nov 7, 2011

no he hasnt i cant get him to go to the doctor i thought about diabetes his family does have lots of cases


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Posted by @cchantal, May 23, 2012

This sounds like a frightening answer (it is) My close friend started losing weight and was diagnosed with cancer.
Men seem to be the most reluctant in regard for seeking help (fear).

Find articles pertaining to this problem (weight loss) and let him know that he means so much to you and that you really need him to read the articles because you want him to be with you and not fighting some type of disease without medical help. This approach may be of some help to you I hope so, before precious time is lost that he may have had in getting to to the root of the problem

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