Gastric Bypass surgery and weight loss

Posted by Mrj2141 @mrj2141, Jun 30, 2016

I am 4 years post g-bypass. Gaining some weight. Can i do low carb?

Hi @mrj2141, welcome to Connect! This is a great question and you’re not alone with this! While I cannot speak to your low carb question, it would be a great question for your doctor or a nutritionist. If you do ask a professional, I’d love for you to check back in and let me know what they say!

I was able to find this webinar on behavioral weight loss strategies that I think you may find helpful:

I also want to tag @missyb57, @adria718, @carebear2014 and @bettyann, who have all written about gastric bypass in the past. I hope that you all will be able to connect and share your experiences with each other.

Did you only recently start gaining weight, or has it been gradually going up since your surgery?


I had the Gastric bypass surgery about 7 years ago. I lost about 50 pounds because of surgery but since then I have regained about 20 lbs. I am now about 55 lbs over weight. and have some questions for anyone who can help me with them. Is it ok for Gastric Bypass patients to do a cleanse? My husband has used the Garcinia Cambogia with a Cleanse and has lost a lot of weight with it. Is it possible for GBP patients to use??


Welcome to Connect Laurie! I moved your message to this discussion started by @mrj2141 who had gastric bypass surgery 4 year ago and who also has some questions about weight gain. I’d also like to invite @missyb57, @adria718, @carebear2014 and @bettyann to join the conversation.

Laurie, you may also be interested in reading this thread about Garcinia Have you talked to your doctor, pharmacist or a dietitian about doing a cleanse?

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