Weaning Off of Ativan For Sleep

Posted by pastore @pastore, Dec 27, 2018

Has anyone been prescribed Ativan for sleep, been dependent on it, and then weened yourself off of it and been given something else to replace it and/or been able to get off of it completely? I have been on 1 mg Ativan for 3 months due to the inability to fall and stay asleep due to what I have now determined was a botched nasal surgery. I have been tapering off of it for this last month and have gotten down to .125 mg, but am unable to get over the last hump, because it at least gives me a couple hours before I am jolted out of sleep from not being able to breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?

There are some YouTube videos that can help you get off that last bit. Go really really slow. Good luck. There is a book called the Ashton Manual that explains how to withdraw from Ativan. Check it out.


I have also been on Ambien and want off of it. It started because I was given Prednisone for a blood disease. which in turn led to not being able to sleep. I have been on Ambien for over 10 years and I panic if I do not have any. I have tried every over the counter sleep medication and nothing works. I was also given different prescription sleeping pills and they don't work either.

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Cannabis Indica?


How did you get off the last .125 mg. You tapered from 1 mg to .125 mg in a month?

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@libby123 & @mare12 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

@libby123 That is a good question. Tapering can be complicated. I cannot give medical advice but I am aware that providers sometimes offer short-term medications to help minimize the side effects/withdraw symptoms from certain drugs. I'm not sure this if this strategy applies to Ambien. May I ask if you have asked your provider how you will manage the final taper dose?

@mare12 It's good that you sought a second opinion from specialists. Do you have suggestions about ways other members/patient can advocate, like you did?

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