Weak Legs

Posted by monomayo @monomayo, Jul 20, 2016

I spent 5 days of testing at Mayo, and was diagnosed with a “gait disorder”. At random times, my legs become weak and it feel my knees will not bend, making it near impossible to walk. I cannot stand for extended periods without sitting down. This condition presents itself especially if I am golfing, and I had to give up any alcoholic drinks. Has anyone had a similar experience that was diagnosed?

Hi @monomayo. Welcome to Connect! Thanks for trusting Mayo Clinic with your care.

I’m tagging @hopeful33250, @judywalker and @acarder17 who have posted about weak legs and gait issues in the past, so hopefully they can provide some insights.

Can I ask, what kinds of testing did they do? Were they able to rule anything out? Did they give any treatment suggestions for the “gait disorder”?

@monomayo My gait issues were related to Parkinson’s. While I don’t have all of the typical Parkinson’s symptoms I do have what is called, “Non-motor symptoms of PD.” This includes gait problems and others. My gait problems gave me a “staggered gait” especially when I was tired. If you google the term, “Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s” you will probably be taken to the National Parkinson’s website as well as the Michael J. Fox website with a list of symptoms. My doctor gave me a prescription for Sinemet and it helped and I am glad. I would also be interested in what tests you had, etc. if you feel like sharing. Best wishes as you deal with this frustrating problem. It isn’t an easy symptom to deal with.

@monomayo, A friend of mine had gait problems, along with minor speech impediments and occasional incontinent bladder. She was diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and treated with a surgically installed shunt to divert cranial fluid into her intestine. Could this be similar to your problem? Here are some information exchanges on this web site: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hydrocephalus-with-overdrainage/.

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