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Was hit on 5/5/12 by vehicle who ran stop sign and hit

Posted by @patchoulijade, Oct 2, 2012

Was hit on 5/5/12 by vehicle who ran stop sign and hit me on my bicycle. I was at Lexington Clinic in Lexington, KY and doctors were confusing re: tibia plateau fracture vs. tibia plateau contusion on record ortho-surgeon called extremely painful injury both a fracture, and then he changed his diagnosis and called severe knee injury a severe bone contusion; (which I ask Mayo has tibia healed by now?); 8th and 9th ribs were fractured; also injured 4th and 5th now bulging) discs. Use back brace to walk and knee brace for same. Different ortho-surgeon shot cortisone into knee today. And this surgeon recommended continuation of P..T. which was halted by P.T., who during one of eight former P.T. sessions, said leg is “tracking?” Physical therapy for severe back and severe knee injuries were halted a couple of weeks ago, due to extreme knee pain during P.T. (eight sessions then halted). In 5 wks. surgeon said if pain stops from cortisone injection , then his dx is arthritis, if severe pain continues after injection then orthosurgeon’s dx is nerve issue. Either way, he said surgery will not improve nerve damage?????? Stabbing, burning, and stinging is what occurs when I walk up street with walker and knee brace. Dr. said may take couple to three days for cortisone injection to he hopes stop stinging, burning, and stabbing pain in knee. When I was hit, I blacked out twice, and I woke up 1-10 (1000) knee pain. Then back began to feel like a semi-tractor trailer truck had run through mid/lower back and fills this way to this moment. Please help me. Cortisone injections by what I just read are not a long-term solution. May I please have your recommendatiion(s)? Thank you. Jade Ford.


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