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Waiting on results

Posted by @soaplover81 in Women's Health, Mar 2, 2013

Hello. Just posting this to see if anyone has had the same symptoms.

From October to December, I was not getting my period. In January I had my period for 2 solid weeks and it was heavy. Then in February, again I didn't get my period. I still get cramping. Still get bloated. And I feel pain in my back. I saw a gynecologist. She sent me to get a sonogram. The results should be in by Tuesday.

(Hoping no one judges me here) I'm still a virgin, so I know I'm not pregnant. I am overweight, and my doctor told me my BMI might be high, and that might be affecting me. If someone has had these symptoms, can you tell me what the problem was? I hope you don't mind. I will get my results in a couple of days, but I'm so anxious. Thanks!

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Posted by @soaplover81, Mar 6, 2013

Has anyone had these type of symptoms, or knows what I'm talking about?


Posted by @piglit, Mar 6, 2013

Hi when I was alot younger I found irregularity in my monthly cycles as well. This can be quite common . Try not to worry too much until you get the results and then go from there . Once you know what's going on. It's only natural for you to feel anxious it's a normal feeling to have.Take care and let me know how you get along. Piglit


Posted by @soaplover81, Mar 6, 2013

Piglit, thank you so much. I guess it is normal. I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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