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Vulvarian Cancer

Posted by @2kindhrtd, Sep 15, 2012

I would like to find more women who have been diagnosed or treated for VIN or Invasive Vulvarian Cancer. Scary topic I know, was diagnosed in July ’12 and now facing numerous problems.



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Posted by @dianedelion, Sep 30, 2012

I had a cyst removed from my vulva during a normal hysterectory. The pathology came back cancerous, so I have now had a partial radical vulvectomy. Seven days post-op, I had stitches break loose. The bleeding was a bit challenging, but finally the ER doc got it under control. I have the rest of my stitches taken out in 3 days (which is 14 days post-op). My pathology from the vulvectomy is negative, so I don’t have any treatments to go through. I not found a lot of information on this type of surgery or cancer.


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Posted by @dee4484, Apr 28, 2015

I had a radical vulvectomy in 2004

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