Vulvar cancer

Posted by jmgm @jmgm, May 2, 2012

I was recently diagnosed with vulva cancer…(stage 2 squamous cell) .the doctor wants to operate —– ,,operation will include removal of clitoris…..therefore, I asked the doctor for another option, prior to the operation, that could shrink the tumor which is now 2.2 centimeters in size.

I have been given the option of chemo only from one doctor and chemo and radiation together (referred to as “chemo rads” ) from another doctor

Both options have the hope of shrinking the tumor …. My thinking is that if the tumor shrinks, I can save the clitoris and have less radical surgery. Has any one had any similar experience? I am desperate for information . Both doctors want to perform operation first…. Has anyone had radiation in the vulva area? Or chemo? Please respond thank you


Hi jmgm….I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer may 27th of this yr…I was stage 3… I had my surgery in June….I realize that you are concerned about ur clitoris and I was concerned about mine as well… and I will tell u that with this stage you will get the most excruciating pain that u will ever experience…. It is not fun…. I don’t know if u have any children but my recommendation is to think hard about ur priorities and think about ur mortality projections….. As the stage progresses, ur mortality percentages decrease…I had a successful surgery and I still have a long journey…. The surgery is only the beginning…just one final thought….I am not a doctor and I don’t want to be one….if u have a good reppore with ur doctor and u have had second assessments of ur condition, I recommend listening to ur doctor…the information available can be confusing…I am glad I listened to my doctor because everything she has recommended for me aligns with what is being recommended from other sources…. I feel that I have a fighting chance to survive this and to be alive for my children…..good luck with ur decision and I wish u well…..

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Was the shrinking obvious after two weeks? I am terrified at the thought of chemo but I am swallowing my fear and agreed to try it, a week at a time with stopping my choice!


how are you doing….i have finished 2 rounds of chemo in order to shrink the tumor before my surgery.

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