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vukva cancer

Posted by @jmgm in Cancer, May 2, 2012

I was recently diagnosed with vulva cancer…(stage 2 squamous cell) .the doctor wants to operate ----- ,,operation will include removal of clitoris…..therefore, I asked the doctor for another option, prior to the operation, that could shrink the tumor which is now 2.2 centimeters in size.

I have been given the option of chemo only from one doctor and chemo and radiation together (referred to as “chemo rads” ) from another doctor

Both options have the hope of shrinking the tumor …. My thinking is that if the tumor shrinks, I can save the clitoris and have less radical surgery. Has any one had any similar experience? I am desperate for information . Both doctors want to perform operation first…. Has anyone had radiation in the vulva area? Or chemo? Please respond thank you

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Posted by @jmgm, May 2, 2012

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Posted by @jmgm, Jun 15, 2012

how are you doing....i have finished 2 rounds of chemo in order to shrink the tumor before my surgery.


Posted by @grandma25, Jun 16, 2012

I'm doing quite well. They did my original surgery 10 or 12 weeks ago, diagnosed it as stage 2 and said more surgery should be done as a precaution. When the first surgery was done the growth was the size of the end of my little finger but had grown to that size from pimple size in a matter os 3 weeks or so. On May 14 the second surgery was done and they said no further cancer was found. This is my second bought with cancer having had breast cancer 19 years ago. Praise God no chemotherapy or radiation.
I'm sorry you had to undergo chemotherapy, I've been told that it is awful! My doctor is Dr. Learner in Walnut Creek, Ca. Who is a young guy that is a gynecologist and oncologist. He is the one that did my last surgery. My understanding is that most nurses and a lot of doctors do not recognize the condition and so often after menopause don't even emphasize how important pelvic exams are! Most of us have not been trained by the medical profession or anyone else to watch for abnormal conditions or even what is abnormal. My doctor and my friends know now that I carry around my invisible soap box and get on it every time anyone will listen. Look forward to hearing from you again. Pat


Posted by @jmgm, Jun 17, 2012

hi pat, i needed to go in for 3 days of hydration, 4 hours per day, treatments because my mouth was so full of sores i couldn't eat or drink....but now i am able to eat puree and baby food i am feeling a bit better ..... they want to wait for my strength to come back before doing my surgery.....after my first week of chemo dr said the tumor did shrink this week i will go back to dr and i will let you know.....keep writing grace


Posted by @jmgm, Jun 17, 2012

mine is also stage 2

tumor is 2.2 cm in size grace


Posted by @grandma25, Jun 17, 2012

Hello Grace, I love your name. My granddaughters middle name is Grace. By the "grace" of God she became a part of our family through a foreign adoption.
I'm so glad you are feeling a little better and will pray you will continue to regain strength. I met someone a couple of weeks ago that had surgery around May 14-15 who told me that her cancer was the size of a quarter. She was in the doctors office waiting for results. She told me that she kept going to a local doctor telling them something was wrong but nobody listened until it was quite large.. I left my phone number with her son but have not heard anything from her. I continue to hope she will contact me.
During my preventive surgery they opened up the original site (right behind my vagina) and removed more tissue, then made a 5 inch incision on both sides of my groin and removed lymph nodes. I had drains from each of my groin sites for 31/2 weeks. I had problems with the stitches behind my vagina so a visiting nurse and my husband have been putting packing in that wound. The nurse and doctor are very pleased with the speed of healing. My husband is very glad. He has been a good sport about acting as my packing nurse but it is getting old! Keep up the fight.
I look forward to hearing from you. Pat


Posted by @dianedelion, Sep 30, 2012

I had a partial radical vulvectomy 10 days ago. I had found a cyst on my labia about 18 months ago, saw three different health care providers who indicated it was nothing, don't worry about it. During a hysterectomy for prolaspse, the cyst was removed and found to be cancerous. It was only 1/2 mm in size. The pathology report from the vulvectomy is negative. The most bothersome thing of this whole ordeal is that most health care providers don't know about this type of cancer or have ever seen/done a vulvectomy. One of those providers was a gynocologist. Frustrating. It is important for us to talk about and know about.

Posted by Anonymous-c27acfee, Jun 16, 2012

Hi jmgm,
If I were you, I would discuss your case as thoroughly and openly with your doctors as possible...telling them to be 100% honest as to how they feel about 'how much' they remove. THEN make your decision. Please do not allow yourself to feel discouraged or overly frightened by what anyone tells you... ANYTHING can be healed. Keep that in mind! 🙂 Bless you real good! I have this feeling all will be well with you. I truly do get that feeling from you! 🙂


Posted by @grandma25, Jun 11, 2012

Good morning, I had vulvar cancer surgery a few weeks ago,not as radical as yours but mine was stage 2. Mine was at the back of my vagina and I'm still healing. My thought is do whatever it takes to save your life because Vulvar cancer is wicked. Almost 20 percent of reported cases result in death.


Posted by @jmgm, Jun 16, 2012

hi grandma, did you receive my reply? i finished my second round of chemo and now feel horrible with sores in my mouth. I had to get intravenous hydration because i cant drink due to pain....they say it will be better in 3 to 4 days. then my surgery will be are you? grace


Posted by @timc, Jul 2, 2012

Hello, Honey is a good product to use when having mouth sores resulting from chem treatments. Surprised your chemo med staff didn't suggest it. TimC


Posted by @jmgm, Jul 6, 2012

thank you for the suggestion i am having m surgery in 2 weeks


Posted by @lky2balive, Jul 14, 2012

Hi jmgm....I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer may 27th of this yr...I was stage 3... I had my surgery in June....I realize that you are concerned about ur clitoris and I was concerned about mine as well... and I will tell u that with this stage you will get the most excruciating pain that u will ever experience.... It is not fun.... I don't know if u have any children but my recommendation is to think hard about ur priorities and think about ur mortality projections..... As the stage progresses, ur mortality percentages decrease...I had a successful surgery and I still have a long journey.... The surgery is only the beginning...just one final thought....I am not a doctor and I don't want to be one....if u have a good reppore with ur doctor and u have had second assessments of ur condition, I recommend listening to ur doctor...the information available can be confusing...I am glad I listened to my doctor because everything she has recommended for me aligns with what is being recommended from other sources.... I feel that I have a fighting chance to survive this and to be alive for my children.....good luck with ur decision and I wish u well.....


Posted by @jmgm, Jul 15, 2012

thank your for witing me. I will have my surgery in 2 weeks I had 2 weeks of chemo to shrink it. I will see my doctor tomorrow. what kinds of treatment plan do you project to take place after your surgery ? ...... you said it was very painful, do you mean after the surgery or the whole deal? can you suggest other reliable sources to read about this. also did you have a lichen connection ? jmgm

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