Has anyone been on Vraylar for Bi-polar II?

Posted by kmj1967 @kmj1967, May 13, 2022

Hello all. I tried to search. but it wasn't working.

Has anyone been on Vraylar for Bi-polar II? My doctor & I have come to conclusion that either my Lamictal or Trileptal is no longer working after 14-15 years. This was his first suggestion above Tegretol or Lithium.

Thank you.

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@kmj1967, I'm tagging fellow members @lilgrizz @sandij @summertime4 and @bustrbrwn22 into this discussion as they may have experience with Vraylar (cariprazine) and switching meds for bi-polar.

Kmj, it sounds like some things have changed and that the meds you've been taking for the past 15 years are no longer working and you and your doctor are exploring different options. What indicated that they were no longer working for you? When will you start the new medication?


I’ve been taking Vraylar for 3 months for Rapid Cycling Bipolar 1 and it has made a world of difference in the quality of my life but more importantly to me, in my wife’s quality of life. She says that she’s apprehensively optimistic which I’ll take as a positive thing.

One word of warning be sure to take your heart medicine because when your pharmacist gives you the bill, you may pass out. It’s ridiculously expensive!!! You can go to the Vraylar website and get a coupon for 2 months of it for free. At $1,000 a month you might not want to pass that opportunity up.

Good luck and be well



I just saw your comment. I'm glad it's working out well for you (and your wife).

Unfortunately, it didn't work for me even though my insurance ended up paying the entire amount! So, on to the next…


My Wife id bipolar with stage 4 kidney failure, she has been on Lithium fo 25 years , It's a wonder drug for her, They took her off of it put her o Gabapiten, she is not doing good, she sad she is going to get Lithium on the black market, it would kill her if she has to be put back into a mental hospital at this stage in her life…she is 74 years old…..please ant help would be a blessing Mike

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