Need a Volunteer or "responsible adult" for appt Tues Sept 7th

Posted by yyrgreg @yyrgreg, Sep 5, 2022

Got MRI appt 7:15am 9/7 at the Mayo Clinic Rochester need "responsible adult" to assist for an hour after to walk acorss the street for the next appt. happy to compensate. thanks, Greg

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Hi @yyrgreg, Please note that I removed your personal phone number from your message. We do not recommend posting personal contact information on a public forum for your security.

There are volunteers everywhere at Mayo Clinic ready to assist you. Please contact Volunteer Services at:
Phone: 507-255-9912
Email address:

I also recommend contacting Mayo Clinic's Concierge Services tomorrow morning.
By phone 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday: 507-538-8438

Just a point of clarification. Is your appointment Wed. Sept. 7 or Tues (tomorrow)?


yyrgreg @yyrgreg

Colleen suggestions should help.

If you only need help from one Mayo appt to another, Mayo have escorts that can take you via wheel chair from one appt to another at downtown campus. Just let the nurse / desk attendant know that you will need someone to take you to next appt.

Not knowing exactly type of MRI you are having, the warning about "responsible adult" probably is because if you have any sedative they want to make sure you are not going to drive home, etc…


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