Video chat for first visit about lung nodule

Posted by eternity28 @eternity28, Aug 15, 2021

My first visit appointment about my lung nodule is a video visit, does that indicate is not serious ?

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Well I guess I phrased it wrong not him , he was very professional & I was the one that asked that question, what he did say was it could be but by looking @ my CT SCAN he definitely couldn’t say but he didn’t think it was & he wants to take another CT SCAN in 3 months to see what it will show & yes , he is a specialist in Pulmology & I’m sorry if I gave off the wrong impression of him , he is very well accredited & has great medical reviews & he works @ the May Clinic

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@eternity28– All is fine, you were upset. I'm glad that you were able to ask him. It sounds like a positive direction! I certainly hope that he is right!

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