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very painful,ugly body rash with uncontrolabe itch

Posted by @jeb, Aug 26, 2011

since begining of april 2011 i have suffered in the worst way all body horrible (meth) like sores only i dont do meth. thats not all the itching is intence, hold ur breath, thats as long as i can hold off digging deep almost to mucsle tissue all except face and privets r infested im so desprite ther have been days so close to suicide….6 e.r. visits 2 to my physician ,sent me to 4 desperate pleading the dermotoligst, byopcy unknown how can this be mite be sending me to mayo i despratly need in put no blood test have been done i request and dermtlgst says why

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Posted by @anon74358453, Sep 27, 2012

Try Aloa Gel from local drug store. It’s cooling and gives relief. You can apply as often as needed. JEM


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Posted by @mouser, Sep 29, 2012

Try a rheumatologist. It may be autoimmune

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