Very high C Reactive protein 69.14 mmol

Posted by marilyncarkner @marilyncarkner, Mar 16, 2019

All blood work normal except this one Had a major flare of stiffness for past 3 months but Polymyalgia ruled out.
Sed rate and rheumatoid factor normal. Could the C reactive be a result of another inflammation in body .. heart.. cancer that is coincidentally appearing st same time as this flare…btw 71 and never had arthritis before this and very active

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Hi @marilyncarkner that is very odd that your C reactive protein is so high.

I wanted to introduce you to @lioness and @dsteede as they have had high C reactive protein's and may be able to offer you support as you look for the cause.

What is the next step your doctor's want to take to find the root cause of this high C reactive protein?

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