Ventricular Septum Defect

Posted by gaggioli @gaggioli, Nov 29, 2017

Hi I would like to know more about Ventricular Septum Defect. My new baby has it he is only 12 days and a small hole perimembranes of 3.7×5 mm already detected by our cardiologist that give him medicine potentially for life!!!
All we can see is an accelerate breathing.
… we would like to have your suggestions and opinions on this situations…

A worried new father

@gagglioli Hello, new father! First, congratulations on the new son. I know the Septum Defect is difficult to deal with, and to see it as a chronic issue is tough. But think about it. A New Life! With smiles and laughter and tears and fun and games. My so-called defects are quite different as I grow old. An obesity gene makes me fat . Primary, systemic hATTR to contend with . Spine nodules pressing on my spine nerves limiting my brain signals to my lower organs to work, urinate, defecate, produce blood. Amyloidosis fibrils in my heart making it difficult for my heart to beat while throwing 150 pound bales of alfalfa onto a truck. Nodules in my lungs making it difficult to breath in football dog piles. Never able to run a complete marathon. Having to rest while having sex. Finishing my career as a pastor while having to sit on a stool at the pulpit. My own Septum has only a very small hole, but is very thick, just like the ventricular and atrial walls. My A<->V block threatens me every day. Anyway, the only real advice I can give are these points: 1. Celebrate that tiny life full of expectations, hopes, dreams, issues. 2. So the boy needs medicine to live. See that he gets it. 3. Live your life always ready to take on whatever comes next, good or bad. If death comes, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Or fear. If new medicine or procedures com that change life for better, celebrate it. When the boy laughs, laugh with him. And love him and the woman who gave birth to him. 4. Guard against any kind of abuse or mistreatment which anyone may make at him. And love him. Love Him. Love her. Love yourself.

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