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Asclepias Incarnata

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Ventricular Assist Device advice?

Posted by @asclepiasincarnata, Jul 29, 2012

After going through a crapload of tests and a couple episodes of cardiac arrest recently my doc ruled that a ventricular assist device as the best option. As a 17 year old female I’m a bit freaked out about the surgery for it, daily life with it like showering sleeping school work etc, traveling and airport security issues with it, being able to wear a prom dress with it, things like that. Any advice at all is appreciated ^_^



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Posted by @tommym, Sep 12, 2012

This may not be that pretty but it may help in certain situations and also try There are also forums that may help at I wish you all the best.

Sarah E

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Posted by @sarahe, Nov 21, 2012

An LVAD or RVAD is not the easiest thing to live with, but it can give you the option of a eventual transplant, and when you are relying on one of these VADs, you get sent to the top of this transplant list for a limited time. My husband had an LVAD for 7 months, got on the transplant list, and got his new heart just 4 days later. I totally agree with TommyM, check out the website he listed with an open mind, and remember, some of the stepping stones we face in life may not be pretty or comfortable, but they are necessary to get us to the next level in our life!
I wish you much joy & success, dear one!

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