Posted by rastutis @rastutis, Dec 29, 2011

Hey there.
My little brother is 7 days in coma, after ruptured aneurysm surgery. Yesterday begins a strong vasospasms. What is the best drugs to increase his blood flow in the brains in this case?

Is there any alternate drugs for nifedipine?? Or maybe you know some other treatment methods? Its very urgent, please help me.

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i really think his dr will know what drugs to give him as he knows what he has already been admininstered during the operation before/after. it’s a very sensitive issue because drugs need to be given based on interactions as well. this is so sad and he’s only 7. you must be so scared for him. all you can do right now is telll him you love him and hold his hand if you are allowed. my cousin was in a coma for a long time and when he woke up, 8 mos later, he said all the stories the family kept telling him about the past kept him fighting and he won the fight. he’s healthy now with a great job. God bless you and just focus on what it is you can do, talk to him, hold his hand.


i had ruptured brain aneurysms, too, six months ago. the coma is sometimes the way we cope with the intense pain. i was only out for about 27 hours. i am sure the neuro icu docs are administering the latest drugs. in my case i took a 21 day course of a particular drug, big yellow horsepills called Nimodipine, and they kept my blood pressure up, too. hang in there, big sister, and know that when the pain is more bearable your brother will wake up again. my prayers are with you.

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