Posted by marvkw @marvkw, Dec 30, 2020

Is there any correlation with blood pressure and vascular dementia?

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Good morning @marvkw
Welcome to MayoClinicConnect. This article/page from Mayo Clinic has lots of information on high blood pressure. Are you or someone close to you dealing with high blood pressure? Let us know how we can help.


I am live-in caregiver for my wife. She takes bp meds but typically exhibits 150/75. Neurologist diagnosis is vascular dememtia. I realize logic has little to do with treatment but it would seem that lowering bp might lessen the damage or mitigate further trauma to the brain.
In addition to the old typical AZ therapies, we are adding MCT coconut oil and hemp oil. She is still good company, knows some people but cannot remember much short term past 5 minutes. I am not sure what comes next and how long we will be able to continue this "normal relationship." She is otherwise a very healthy 90. I am feeling my 85 years more lately, although healthy. We "try" to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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