vascular dementia?

Posted by maryflorida @maryflorida, Dec 11, 2020

Is this in the right group? The last four weeks I have had five times where I can't remember what year it is, or someone's name that I know, or what street I live on. Eventually I do remember, after about a minute. My friends my age (79) say this is normal ageing. Is it? Or might I have had mini strokes? I am on Eliquis for long ago afib episodes.

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@maryflorida yes, you are in the right group for your post and questions. I understand you are concerned with some recent experiences forgetting things.

Have you had any symptoms that lead you to believe you may have had mini strokes as a result of taking Eliquis? I've included to quick reference articles to identify if you may have experienced symptoms of ministroke and what the difference is and risk factors for stroke.

– Ministroke vs. Regular Stroke
– Transient Ischemic Attach (TIA)
Do the symptoms for ministroke sound familiar to how you have been feeling? If so, I would recommend seeking immediate medical attention.

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