varicose veins and spider veins

Posted by maxonnxc @maxonnxc, Nov 27, 2016

I have heard apple cider vinegar help remove varicose veins and spider veins is this true?

Hello @maxonnxc,

Welcome to Connect. Your question prompted me to do some internet research, and I was surprised to find quite a bit about apple cider vinegar’s effect on varicose veins! Unfortunately though, I couldn’t find any scientific or medical proof about the benefits of using it as a treatment option.

That being said, a few members here on Connect have dealt with varicose veins, and I’m sure they would be able to give you more insight and advice; allow me to introduce you to @lizziemnz, @patreats5674, @trouse, and @mlemieux
Here is some additional information from Mayo Clinic, on a variety of treatment options for varicose veins:

@maxonnxc, could you tell us a bit more about yourself? Have varicose or spider veins been an issue for you?

Apple Cidar vinegar is great to keep your metabolism up, but has anyone tried transdermal CO2 (applied right on skin as vapor mist) as a way to boost blood flow?

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