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Vagus Nerve

Posted by @snowtrooper22, Jul 19, 2011

hello, has anyone have/had a problem with their vagus nerve?This all began 5 months ago and its the scareiest thing ive ever had to deal with. Ive had the “million dollar ” work up as my doctor called it and everything comes out normal. ive had weight lose, dizzyness, heart burn, fatigue,heart palpatations, flush feeling, fainting feeling, bloating, acid reflux, shoulder -neck pain, ear pains, some back discomfort, feel coolness on my left arm and fingers, cant sleep, headaches… ive had several doctors say that its anxiety/panic attacks because all the tests come back normal… even had heart tests.. ct scans… sonograms…endoscopies… next is a neurologist…did a bit of research and the vegus nerve keeps popping up… i hate this feeling i just want to get back to normal… im not over weight , i’m athletic, in good shape….any help would be greatly appreciated….

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Posted by @brainstatetech, Jul 19, 2011

We have had success with people who have Vegas nerve issues. Our modality is non-invasion and balances your brainwaves, many time the symptoms you have described can be caused by unbalanced brainwaves. If you would like more information feel free to email me (


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Posted by @ronjames, Aug 30, 2011

Hi , Wish I had the answer but —I have been recently diagnosed with
gastroparesis which is suppose to be caused by vagus nerve problems.
I am just getting started and the meds do have side effects and not sure
if they work or not . Did you try getting in touch with the reply from Ben Holland?
Got to go ,grandson just woke -up and being 68 and he 5mths need some lead time. Good Day For Us Both

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