Vagus Nerve Issues/Son

Posted by Phil @pzeravica, Jun 10, 2016

My 12 year old son’s been dealing with health issues including chronic nausea/vomiting and insomnia (since January) and double and blurred vision (since April). This all came after suffering a knee injury suffered from playing basketball, that didn’t heal until April (4 days after he finally started walking on this leg. The pain in the leg took far longer to quit than it should have as there was no structural damage, (just a sprain) after the swelling went away (not sure if that has anything to do with it, but it seemed to trigger all of it). He’s gone to a neurologist (who mentioned that his brain stem was overstimulated), a neuro-opthalmologist, who spoke of the sympathetic/para-sympathetic (too much symp, not enough para) being the problem, a psychologist (who mentioned stress, in general), and a chiropractor (who stated that an misaligned vertebrae was pressing against the vagus nerve). I have him working with the chiropractor and an acupuncturist (who claims it’s “liver stagnation”) but not sure if there’s anything else that could be done to accelerate the healing. Does anyone have ideas? People I could see to help? Any ideas would be appreciated as it’s been going on so long it’s been wearing on him.

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Hi Phil, welcome to Connect. As a parent, I can see that you are doing everything to help you son. This much be a long and difficult search for answers for both of you and the rest of your family. I wonder if the posts by @jeannen and others on this thread might shed some light
How are you coordinating the differing diagnoses from the various professionals?

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