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Quad J

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Vaginal or Robot Assisted Hysterectomy for Fibroid Tumors

Posted by @quadj, Jun 29, 2012

Hello. I am doing research for my wife. I work out of the home and she has a full-time office job. That is why you have a guy asking about fibroid tumors. I am asking the Mayo Community for input on your experiences with vaginal or robotic, minimally invasive hysterectomies. Has anyone every had either of these procedures? The complication factors for my wife are:
1. She had a C-section 21 years ago
2. She had a large fibroid (size of a grapefruit) removed 21 years ago, after the C-section
3. Currently her uterus is the size of a 3 month pregnancy, due to the fibroids

She wants to rush into an open-incision, traditional hysterectomy as she is taking the maximum daily dose of Tylenol for the pain, which started a week ago. I am trying to get her to consider minimally invasive surgery, either vaginal or robot assisted. However, it doesn’t make sense for her to wait if the answer will be that she cannot have a vaginal or robot-assisted minimally invasive hysterectomy due to the previous two abdominal surgeries or the size or her uterus. Has anyone been in this situation?
Thank you for your time and assistance!


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