vaginal dryness menopause

Posted by Kim @kim, Jul 7, 2011

I am 53 and have had vaginal dryness and stinging due to menopause. My OBGYN started me on vaginal estrogen 3x a week a few months ago. Prior to that I was getting constant urinary tract infections and vaginal discomfort and burning. This seemed to help for a while, but I am currently back to feeling the discomfort again and intercourse is painful. I am interested in starting a discussion with anyone who has experienced this and if they have done anything that has helped them.


Have you heard of the Mona Lisa Touch procedure? I had this done 6 months ago and it helps tremendously. I also used the Vagifem suppositories and it helped but it doesn't really help revitalize all of the tissue. The Mona Lisa Touch builds up tissue inside and out which helps prevent bacteria from entering. It basically returns everything to a pre-menopausal state. The only issue is that it is not yet covered by insurance and costs about $1,800 for the 3 treatments required. Well worth the cost. I was plagued by recurrent UTI's and this helps quite a bit.

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@fotula I found just using lubrication helps for dryness and UTI before an infection starts at the burny stage I buy AZO for uti also I drink cranberry juice helps keeping kidneys clean .

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