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uterine sarcoma

Posted by @kathy555 in Cancer, Mar 30, 2012

Any one know anything about this? My appointment is 4/9/2012. I am scared and can't seem to get any answers from the first hospital I went to. It's like that since I decided to go with Mayo the other hospital doesn't know me. I made a call to find out the exact name of the cancer and so far no return call. The woman that is handling the paperwork for my short term disability from was also snotty when I called to inquire and told me she has 10 days to fill it out. It will probably be that long since I made the mistake of asking a question.

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Posted by @judithvt, Mar 31, 2012

I have a different form of uterine cancer- UPSC, uterine papillary serous carcinoma but it is also a rare one so I can understand being your frustration- it took me awhile to understand what the name of it actually was. People kept telling me how treatable endometrial cancer was but what they said didn't apply to my sort!
I think the first days after diagnosis are the worst- it is such a shock and so scary. But it gets better- you will feel less scared soon and you will feel yourself again, even with cancer, So hang in there, and get all the information you can, but don't feel like it has to all happen at once and take breaks and just try to relax. I haven't been a patient at the Mayo clinic but it seems like a great place and I think it is great that you are going there, especially if the form of cancer you have is rare and smaller places may not be familiar with it. . There is a HUGE amount of information in books and on the internet as well that can't help you- or be overwhelming. I recommend highly a book called " Cancer, 50 essential things to do" - lots of good information in small bites, encouraging, optimistic and supportive


Posted by @marilynreid, Apr 16, 2012

Greetings Cathy 555,

My name is Robert Reid and my wife Marilyn is the one who has had Uterine Cancer, and has gotten through it with quite a round about experience of Doctors and hospitals. (And I might add have been supported by wonderfull family and Church Prayer support) Though we haven't had the cold shoulder from a hospital we have had excellent treatment, and yes! In that mix we have come across the Dr. that is very busy...and kind of not "user friendly"...This is my first day on the site and have forwarded it to Marilyn.

On a confessional note: After Marilyn's operation I did not act very compassionate to Marilyn in the week after coming home to recover. My actions spoke of not caring, this was corrected but not without a bit of stress added to the scene.

If your husband is reading this ...These terms might help set the stage to make for as quick a recovery as possible: "Honey is there anything I can do for you?"
"Is there anything you need?" And it wouldn't hurt if he put his hand on you and prayed out loud for you once or twice...

Marilyn has passed on a wisdom thought to me over the years: "Not many of us will go through life without going to the Emergency Department, and facing some challenges along the way."

Prayed for you.

Robert Reid


Posted by @dmas, Jun 1, 2012

My mom has just recently been diagnosed with uterine sarcoma. She had a complete hesterectomy and has just started chemo: taxetrene and carboplatin. She will have six treatments. I would be interested in knowing more about your situation. My mom also had her first appt. on 4/9. Just know that God is in control and I will be praying for you.

Denise @kathy555


Posted by @swstar, Aug 1, 2012

After a hysterectomy last week I (just today) was told by my surgeon that I have a very aggressive form of cancer -- carcinoma sarcoma of the uterus -- Stage T3a. My oncologist plans to start treatment within the week and I will need both radiation and chemo. I am 69 years old and we will be closing on a home purchase this coming Thursday. At this point It does not feel real. I need to hear how others have done with this type of cancer.

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