Using slogans to help you grow.

Posted by Brightwings AKA Cute Susie @brightwings, Mar 23, 2018

Hello, my name is Bright Wings, age 67. I was looking for help with getting off of Effexor, an antidepressant. That is how I found this site.
I am so glad I did. Not only did I learn about this drug and it’s withdrawal, I found myself filled with admiration for each of you brave enough to post and ask valid questions.
I am recovering from tremendous abuse as an infant to college. I had 250 to 500 personalities as a result of the abuse. I completely integrated all of them on 1/1/11.
I found when I used a slogan, somehow I could hang on to my resolve to change something in myself easier and keep going instead of sitting and doing nothing.
I will share a few right now and more as I remember then .
For me, a slogan is something I can hold in my hand or post on my wall on a 4×4 recipe card. It helped me to change wrong thoughts about myself, ie I was bad and all this abuse was my fault. Or most of all, the slogans gave me the resolve to keep going no matter what!
I am going to start writing slogans I used. I am wondering what slogans helped you. It would be helpful to share your slogans and a brief explanation of what yu are recovering from or the reason you came to Mayo Clinic Connect.
My slogans,
I WILL NOT LET THEM WIN. This one got me farther than any other. When the memories got so bad I wanted to let go by killing myself, I will not let them win always got me thru.
I am worth it. I used then because I did not believe I was worth anything. That was what I was taught and this slogan helped be to believe the opposite of what I was taught. I am truly worth everything.
I AM A DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES KIND OF GIRL. This slogan gives me steel in my spine to keep going, no matter what my latest chalenge was or am currently experiencing. I hospitalized myself in a mental institution to keep going. I needed to be in a totally safe situation to remember and deal with some memories and stay alive in spite of them.
I WILL NOT BE QUIET. I had been so programmed to NEVER TELL.
I AM NOT SICK, I WAS ABUSED Now this slogan is one I often wanted to scream at folks When ever some one would say, I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER, often while patting my hand. I needed to feel the feelings I was not allowed to feel as a kid.I needed to cry and deal with anger which was NEVER ALLOWED as a kid. That made folks feel uncomfortable, hence THEIR wanting me to feel better. That made them feel better, never mind it was the worse thing for me at the time.
Ok folks, let me know the words or things that helped you. Smiling at you, Bright Wings

Hi brightwings. May God be with you and help you in everything you are doing and going through. I am new here so I think I posted in the wrong reply box to you before.

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