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Posted by @sarahelizabeth, Sep 20, 2011

Im female, 14 years old. Okay, so for the past 5 years or so i have has different problems including, always feeling like i have a UTI, and then having it go away in a few hours, and also no sign of infection in urine cultures. I also have incontinence, as much as i need to wear a pad everyday, or it will leak through. My urine has a sweet smell, my last urine culture had slightly elevated levels of protein. I also have to pee every 2 hours, or sooner. I also have bad breath that smells like vomit, and wont go away, even if i use mouthwash. Does anyone know what this could be? i really need help, ive been to 9 different doctors, and they all say that there is nothing wrong with me, that it is all in my head. PLEASE HELP! This problem has progressed and gotten worse over the years. My mother thinks it might be diabetes. I have been tested for diabetes once when i was in fifth grade, but it came back negative. The symptoms have just gotten worse since then.


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