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urinary incontinence

Posted by @matt1525 in Cancer, Jun 24, 2012

had cancer in the bladder and had surgery about 15 years ago and started leaking right away, had my bladder checked every 6 months for several years and was always clear of cancer. incontinence gradually got worse over the years and now leaks constantly, my doctor was no help so quit seeing him a few years ago. There a lot of quacks out there with different pills for relief

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Posted by @dgio, Nov 29, 2012

My husband had a radical prostatectomy about 1 1/2 yrs. ago and hasn't stopped leaking urine.Shouldn't he be getting better by now?THere are more questions that we have regarding what's going on with him since the surgery.Would like to get a response so I can go into more detail as there are several concerns regarding his health.WE have been told he needs to exercise his Kiegel muscles and maybe that 'll help matt 1525....But as for my husband I believe he needs to continue doing that also...or should I say go back to doing the exercises?My husband doesn't ejaculate when we have manual sex and one time he thought he was climaxing and he urinated instead.This is very disturbing.Can someone please address these questions?WE understand that he is now sterile but is it "normal" to have the sensation of climax with no ejaculation at all?


Posted by @pamegannp, Mar 18, 2013

You may just have to start wearing adult incontinence undergarments. The good news is that you no longer have to buy these in a store and look the clerk in the eye while checking out.

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Posted by @mollyattheqol, Apr 15, 2013

I agree with PamEganNP, incontinence products will help you with bladder leakage. I'm sorry to hear that your doctor wasn't of any help though! PamEganNP is right, and there's an easier way to buy incontinence products than in the stores now. One great website is The Quality of Life Store ( and they'll ship your purchases for free, in discreet packaging. I'd recommend checking them out, especially their Attends briefs and Coviden bed pads.

Posted by Anonymous-fad04c11, Apr 22, 2013

Another good option for adult incontinence products with pretty good pricing, albeit a somewhat limited selection in terms of brands can be found here:

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